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Medical equipment of company MAQUET
Company MAQUET makes and delivers the following on the market Medical equipment: devices IVL, operational tables and fixtures, surgical aspiratory, medical wheelchairs, gynecologic armchairs, akusherskie armchairs Beds, etc. are Carried out with complex equipment of medical institutions and construction Pure premises.


Market of not medicinal goods

International Professional Exhibition
on May, 19-21th 2009
TSVK "Expocentre"

Exhibition drugstore 2009

International specialized exhibition
25.10.2009 - 10/28/2009
SK "Olympic"

Internet-shop TDZ (goods for health) look

Sauna Belt - a belt for growing thin. look

Zinc a bracelet - cтабилизирует arterial pressure... look

Internet-shop "Health and cleanliness" look

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16.04.09 (17:53)    Internet shop. Microscopes Masseurs. Boston
16.04.09 (17:52)    Massage machines Boston
16.04.09 (17:48)    Microscopes at retail. Boston
16.04.09 (15:50)    LASER with length of a wave 940nm, manufacture Boston
16.04.09 (15:42)    Rentgen for veterinary science .cheap. guaranteed. Boston
16.04.09 (15:40)    Trunks from a warehouse Boston
16.04.09 (15:39)    Ehoentsefaloskop EES-12 Boston
16.04.09 (15:38)    Centrifuge labor. Medical РС-6 Boston
16.04.09 (15:37)    Defibrilators DFR-1, DKIN-04, DF-84 on low prices Boston
16.04.09 (15:36)    X-RAY machine 8L3 Boston
16.04.09 (15:35)    Optical paths to endoskopam Boston
16.04.09 (15:34)    Devices FAZA-5NR, reasonable price. Boston
16.04.09 (15:28)    X-RAY device 9L5 Boston
16.04.09 (15:28)    X-ray device. stomatological 6D4 Boston
16.04.09 (15:26)    Centrifuge for laboratory: OS-6M, PC-6, OPN-8 Boston

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04.04.08 (10:17)    Action! Aist-2 at a discount up to 10 %!  the announcement from a photo Boston
04.04.08 (10:17)    Action! KG-6, KG-3M, KG-1 at a discount up to 6 %!  the announcement from a photo Boston
03.04.08 (15:04)    Family clinic the Spectrum-honey Boston
30.03.08 (17:25)    Preventive maintenance of casual sexual communications. Boston
29.03.08 (14:21)    Onkoprocess it is possible to stop! Boston
28.03.08 (23:25)    Venereology  the announcement from a photo Boston
18.03.08 (22:36)    Selection surmam, donors.  the announcement from a photo Boston
17.03.08 (21:22)    We search surmamu Boston
15.03.08 (01:31)    Newest word in treatment of a prostatitis Boston
06.03.08 (20:58)    Modern preparation in treatment of a cancer Boston
09.11.07 (12:14)    Oncology in Germany  the announcement from a photo Boston
11.07.07 (01:27)    Effective treatment of a cancer probably! Boston
17.04.07 (15:27)    For the first time in Israel unique operation has rescueed... Boston


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